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About Us

In 1968, Paul Harper was working as a barber in Cincinnati, Ohio. He was 27 years old and dreamed of more for him and his family. He partnered with a high school friend and they purchased a relatively unknown franchise at the time. Together they opened their first McDonald’s restaurant in Berwick Plaza. In 1972, Paul branched out on his own, building his first independently owned restaurant located on North Memorial Drive in Lancaster, Ohio. It has been over 50 years now, and that first restaurant that Paul opened has grown to be one of the busiest McDonald's locations in Ohio. 


Paul & Linda Harper
Matt & Carolyn Harper

Paul Harper passed away in March 2018, but his legacy continues to grow due to the hard work of his son Matt Harper. Matt attended Hamburger University in 1995 and was approved as an owner/operator in 2005. Today, Matt Harper is the proud owner of nine McDonald’s stores in the central Ohio area, that collectively employ anywhere from 700 to 800 people.


Matt, along with his father, supports the neighbors they serve by purchasing 4-H livestock in the local county fairs, sponsoring local sports teams, bands, and education opportunities for people of all ages. 

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